“Why should we select you”? Interview Questions and Answers by Mr. Mohan Singhal

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People often ask me how they should answer certain questions at the time of interview.

You all will agree with me “why should we select you” is one of the most common questions asked at the time of interview.

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It is a very important question and one should prepare its answer well in advance. This particular question should not be answered in a casual manner. One should reply to this question with lot of enthusiasm and confidence. Mostly this question is being asked towards the end of the interview. By asking this question, Interviewer wish to know what additional inputs you can provide to consider your profile. It’s an absolute Sales Call. This particular question is very similar to this question: Why should I buy your product when so many other products of other companies are available. Think yourself as a product and why interviewer should buy you for the company. What solutions will you provide to the company. You have to sell yourself to get the job.

Actual meaning of this question is “What you can do for the company?”

The best way to answer this question is to look at the job description thoroughly. Look for qualification, experience and skills required for the jobs and relate that with your profile. Check your profile and see what you can offer as a fit or worthy for those requirements. Think of two or three key qualities or strong points which you can offer that matches with the requirement of the company. Mention your personal traits that make you unique; your energy level, your working style, your personality, communication, people skills etc. which are relevant to the job. Prepare sales pitch to market yourself at the time of interview. It should not be more than two minutes long.

Here is a Sample Answer to : why should we select you?

Sir, I am definitely a right candidate for this job as I can contribute to A, B and C Skills as mentioned in your job description on immediate basis. I have already been exposed to similar situation/role while working in my present company.

As you can see in my resume, I have the necessary qualifications and 7 years of experience as required for this position but that does not reveal my complete profile. I am an effective communicator and believe in taking initiative and leadership role and have resolved X and Y problem during the year 2014 and 2016.

Here I will give you some other tip:

Suppose you do not have a skill as mentioned in the Job description and you have confidence that you a learn that skill within a month. In that case, you can add and say confidently in this manner : Sir,

I understand D skills is also required for this job which is comparatively new to me but I am a quick learner and will take this as challenge and provide the result with a month itself.

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