Sr. Sales Engineer – CRD-4117

A subsidiary of a  Spanish company that since 1982 has been dedicated to the design and production of control equipment for electric components in the automotive industry, being currently specialists in the fabrication of electrical test boards for automobile wiring is looking for:

Post : Sr. Sales Engineer – CRD-4117
Location : Chakan
Qualification : BE /Diploma in Mechanical / Electrical / Electronics
Experience : 5 – 7 years of experience

Job description:

  • Define a Customer Global Strategy that meets specific customer satisfaction needs in terms of Quality, Cost Effectiveness, Timely Delivery, and Service & Support.
  • Maintain Company product portfolio based business yield benefit related to its Core Product Catalogue (external brochure) with limit variations (internal brochure) and assure Project Management Process for all Special Projects (non-catalogued products.)
  • Maintain a global database of all Customer Visits Plan based on historical, present and future needs and assure the appropriate customer visits are programmed based on a prioritised future business potential yield. This includes the coordination of industrial shows / exhibitions eg. Productronica
  • Assure that all pre production prerequisites etc., Samples, Specification, Due Dates,Commercial Terms are validated prior to starting production and schedule based on priority
  • Create and maintain a customer footprint portfolio ranked by annual sales volume with KPI in terms of QCDS to assure that Company is truly focused on providing excellent service to customers that matter most.
  • Perform annual customer surveys to ensure that any negative trend is immediately addressed.
  • Create and maintain on an annual basis the customer forecast data and assure that the forecast data for the following year is issued on the 20th of December of the current year
  • Create and maintain a pricing policy that brings cost benefit to projects that are well defined in advance to facilitate production planning and create conditions in the pricing policy that deters unplanned late projects that creates production inefficiencies.
  • Create and maintain the forecast sales vs actual sales KPIs for all locations
  • Create and maintain the official Company Product Catalogue based on regional preferences and with clear potential business yield
  • Assure that a process is in place that all non-catalogued products are the appropriate business margins and approved by Management
  • Assure that a process is in place that has Sales force marketing on a priority basis Company standard catalogued portfolio to maximize standardization and lower costs in the industry
  • Assure that Company marketing portfolio and brochures are updated annually and that the approved posters for the Plants has as policy as to which posters belong where and that renewed on scheduled timing to assure Company have the same image.
  • Create and maintain an annual customer visiting schedule that is based on the specific sales strategy for the customer and the region and any deviation to the plan is acceptable with reasonable justification.
  • Coordinate with the Technical After Sales & Service to acquire relevant sales potential during visits if Sales have limited sources in just areas and in this way optimize Company’s human resource availability
  • Assure that the Management approve the annual industrial shows / exhibitions and develop a pre and post sales strategy for each specific show to assure there is a clear plan during the preparation of objectives and that during the show, contact leads and data is obtained to maximize the success of sales during the post follow-up with customers.
  • Maintain in the annual sales road map specific data related to new customers and sales volume as a result of shows / exhibitions
  • Create and maintain a process to clearly distinguish the responsibilities between Sales and Commercial to assure an efficient process to collect the required data and open OT in reasonable time after the Sales has the PO from the customer
  • Create and maintain a process that makes the opening of the OT effective by assuring that all the commercial and technical data is correctly loaded onto the GEOS system during the opening of OT
  • Create and maintain a process that assures continuous follow-up of the manufacturing process to assure the agreed due date is on target and take the necessary precaution to immediately inform the customer of any deviation from the initially agreed terms of delivery
  • Create and maintain a process that assigns OT that is proportional to the plant weekly capacity in terms of the products to be produced and the installed capacity of the Plant to assure proper planning and agreed due delivery dates

Company’s Profile: This is a  Spanish company that since 1982 has been dedicated to the design and production of control equipment for electric components in the automotive industry, being currently specialists in the fabrication of electrical test boards for automobile wiring. This Company is setting up a new Plant in Chakan, Pune

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