Warehouse Team leaders – CRD/2544

MNC, Worldwide leader in advance metals transformation and advanced materials and coating technologies, is looking for :
Post : Warehouse Team leaders – CRD/2544
Location : Pune
Qualification : DME
Experience : 3 to 5 years of relevant experience
Purpose of the Job :
  • Goods receipt in the warehouse.
  • Carrying out necessary packing or rewinding activity in the warehouse.
  • Run & manage the production activity in warehouse.
  • Ensure for availability of all the resources, consumables & packing material availability on the floor – Inventory management.
  • Execution of production plan in the warehouse.
  • Monitor the operator performance in the shifts.
  • Storage, identification & recording of FG.
  • Arranging of FG for dispatch as per daily dispatch plan.
  • Loading the FG in the vehicle for dispatch.
  • Execute the KPI projects by maximum people involvement.
  • Ensuring clean, healthy & safe working environment in the warehouse.
  • Ensure the discipline in the warehouse.
Job Description:
Goods receipt & packing
  • Receipt of goods as per transport card.
  • Verifying for quality conformance.
  • Packing the goods that do not require further processing.
  • Identify the goods with the coli label.
Warehouse production & processing
  • Executing the production activity in the warehouse.
  • Ensure that the required instruction card, control chart and spool labels are available on the shop floor.
  • Allocation of manpower in the shift.
  • Arranging & allocating the raw material for processing.
  • Ensure for process sheets & SPC charts are duly filled up by the operators.
  • Ensure the product and process quality parameters are checked at defined frequency and re-verify the same.
  • Ensure the proper traceability of the products at the different stages in production.
  • Ensure that the required instruments like micrometer, hanch-midtmeter is available on the shop floor and is in good condition.
  • Ensure to handover the samples required by lab.
  • Ensure that the machines are producing the right quality product.
  • Make decisions on products that are on the borderline in comparison to the specifications.
  • Ensure re-setting the machines for which product quality parameters are not in specification
  • Attending the process problem on the machines and doing trouble shooting.
  • Ensure for rework of rejected material as per plan.
  • Providing online help during crises situation. E.g. quality problem, machine problem, set up change etc.
  • Execute the product changeovers as per the production plan.
  • Ensure timely and efficient setting up of the machines.
  • Ensure that the necessary process parts as per specification defined in setting chart are fitted on the machine.
  • Certifying the post changeover checklist.
  • Execute re-setting of the machines after major maintenance.
  • Certify the post maintenance checklist.
  • Ensure that the production plan, dispatch plan are met.
  • Keeping the track of productivity for the shift.
  • Prioritize the maintenance activities.
  • Executing the preventive checks on welder at defined intervals.
  • Ensure that all the auxiliary equipment is available at right place.
  • Ensure that all the auxiliary equipments are in right operating condition.
  • Ensure the good housekeeping in the warehouse.
  • Ensure for installation of new machine after maintenance handover.
  • Executing the process trials.
  • Execute the machine setting for new product development.
  • Monitor the process and product quality parameter trend for new product
  • Executing the trial production and bulk production.
  • Ensure and provide if required the process parts needed.
  • Ensuring the machine length calibration at defined frequency.
  • Coach the operators for the process knowledge.
  • Development of sub-ordinates by continuous interaction.
  • Understand the problems of subordinates and provide the solution or help if possible.
  • Guide the subordinates for effective way of working.
  • Get involved in the solving of the problems occurring on shop floor.
  • Promote the concept of ‘Safety First ‘Safety Always‘
Company’s Profile : MNC, Worldwide leader in advance metals transformation and advanced materials and coating technologies, with headquarters in Belgium. Company develops an arrany of high-tech products, systems and services for customers in various sectors. Founded in 1880, the company has close to 100 industrial sites in 30 countries and 18500 employees, achieved a turnover of 3.2 billion € in 2006 and has customers in more than 120 countries. Customers of the company are from many sectors – from the automotive, construction, offshore and telecom industries to the textile industry and environment-friendly burner manufacturers. Company supplies steel cord products for radial tire reinforcement to virtually all the world’s major tire manufacturers. The company also supplies customers in the automotive sector with many specialized wire products which meet the highest quality requirements and standards. These include spring wires, fine cable wires, welding wires, cables for side-window systems and wire for windshield wiper arms and blades. The company is active in practically all the other economic sectors. Some company’s products are clearly visible, but most of them are hidden. Plant at pune is 100% subsidiary of a Belgium Company, manufacturing Steel type cord and Hose Reinforcement wire.
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