Jagannath K is Looking for Senior Level Assignments in Stores and Logistic

Jagannath K

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Senior level assignments in Store and Logistic Management with an organization of high repute


  • Over 19 years of experience in Stores Management, Inventory controlling, Logistic,Export and Excise Operations, Material Management. and material handling.
  • Presently associated with Roquette  Riddhi Siddhi  Ltd,Gokak,  as a Asst. Manager stores since Oct 2012.

Core Competencies

Stores Management

  • Overseeing the store management function and maintaining reduced inventory levels.
  • Maintaining stock of material without any variance by conducting stock verification & documentation.
  • Conducting contact meetings coordination with internal & external customers and performing the clearance of held stocks and regularizing the unaccounted stocks.
  • Ensuring timely dispatch of product, preparing sales invoices & managing stock transfer to warehouse location.
  • Assuring that material storages in safe custody with proper identification and preservation.
  • Assuring that Vertical stacking of material (space and manpower saving).
  • Handling Material with proper technique.
  • Monitoring and implementation of KANBAN system & ABC analysis for better control of inventory.
  • Audit facing for internal and external documentation.
  • Implementation of 5’S’ and Kaizen in stores. 

Logistic  and Excise operations

  • Handling logistics operations and implementing the procedure for hassle free functions.
  • Devising and effectuating strategies for optimizing transportation costs of goods & materials and developed different source.
  • Coordinating with cost effective transporters for seamless & timely pickup and delivery of orders.
  • Arranging and preparation of dispatch related documents.(Excise Inv., packing list, road permit, etc. )
  • Accounting for returnable goods and all demurrages, if any and managing all claims and disputes.
  • On time delivery of material to customer with error free dispatch.
  • Arranging transport availability for smoothly and timely goods dispatch.
  • Co ordination with CHA.
  • Knowledge of various returns to excise and service tax dept.
  • Knowledge of maintaining and handling of excisable documents and records.
  • Knowledge of ARE1 and Export documentation.
  • Co-ordination with internal and external customer to meet the customer requirement.

Employment Recital 

Since Oct 2012 to till today with  Roquette Riddhi Siddhi  P.Ltd, Gokak, as a Asst. Mgr. stores. 


  • Handling of engineering, and packing material stores, inventory management , manpower handling , material handling , audit facing, transport arrangement.


  • Receipt of material as per the purchase order .
  • Coordination with QC dept for quality inspection on daily basis.
  • Material inspection and GRN clearance time reduced from 5 days to 2 days.
  • Responsible for on time material issuance to internal dept in plant.
  • Controlling and highlight excess consumption of material in plant.
  • To maintain inventory as minimum and maximum level of stock.
  • To maintain insurance and critical spare inventory.
  • Indenting of inventory items on day to day basis .
  • ABC analysis of items engineering items.
  • Prepare non moving item list and coordination with concern dept for decision and disposed off activity.
  • Reporting of excess consumption of material.
  • To prepare daily and weekly stock statements.
  • Triggering of critical shortage to purchase dept.
  • To maintain inventory as system stock and physical stock.
  • To generate and send weekly, monthly report of engineering, packing, items to all dept.
  • Timely arrange the documents of RGP and rejected mat, and send to party by arranging transport.
  • To take perpetual inventory on daily basis class wise.
  • To look after excise related activity.
  • Scrap disposal activities.
  • Internal and external audit facing.( e.g.ISO9001 , EMS14001 )
  • Handling of big project material i.e. fabrication and engineering material.

Since Jan 2010 to till Oct 2012 with  ACG Pam-Pac Machines P.Ltd, Bebadohol, Pune as a Sr. Executive stores. 


  • Handling the stores, inventory management ,manpower handling , material handling , automated vertical storage system , audit facing, packaging and dispatches of machines, transport arrangement.


  • Daily receipt of material as per the purchase order.
  • Conducting Incoming inspection   while   receipt in stores.
  • Rejected material activities . and Generating 57FC excise Chillan’s i.e. 4 5 (a) .
  • Material receipt from Inward QA and plating section to main stores and proper stacking in bin location.
  • Responsible for on time material issuance against sales order to assembly line.
  • Triggering of shortages to PPC and purchase dept. and fulfilled the shortage of material on daily basis.
  • Efficiently maintained the inventory, system stock and physical stock.
  • Separate material issuance section created.
  • Kit formation system started with the help of purchase and ppc.
  • Prepare and display non moving items list for further decision.
  • Reduced time in document processing through stores ,Qc from 4 days to 1 day.
  • Scrap disposal activities.
  • Internal and external audit facing.
  • Dispatch related activities.
  • Packaging of machines in wooden box.
  • Preparation of excise invoice and packing list.
  • Arranging the transport for dispatches of goods.
  • Perpetual inventory taking and stock maintaining.

Since Jan’07 to Jan’2010 with Voltas Ltd., Thane (A TATA Enterprise) as Sr. Stores Executive 


  • Managing the operations like: stores management, inventory management, vertical storage systems, etc.

and material handling, loading and unloading.


  • Timely Assured receipt of material as per the work order to assembly line.
  • Responsible for on time material issuance to assembly line and spares.
  • Deployed 2 bin and line feeding system in the organization.
  • Fulfilled the shortage of material on daily basis.
  • Efficiently maintained the inventory, system stock and physical stock.
  • Skillful in carrying out store operations and ensuring timely dispatch of stock transfers.
  • Rejected material activities like as excise invoice generation and transport arrangement and mat sending.
  • Prepare 57FC excise Chillan’s i.e. 4 5 (a) and rejected material activity.
  • Automated the vertical storage machine & looked after the installation of Hanel Lean Lift Machine Germany and Uploaded all B and C’ class items in machine.
  • Developed new racks and bins for Tyres, Castings, Cylinders, I Beam, Carriage Weldments, etc.
  • Looked after the TBEM activities of the organization.
  • Responsible for consumable items and vendor handling (e.g. grease, welding rod, kerosene, stationary items).
  • Non moving items were consumed and cost saved around 30 lakhs in one item.
  • Voluminous item kept near assembly pt. time and handling ,manpower saved.
  • In assembly hardware items storage capacity was increased which resulted into productivity by getting material to assembly man.
  • Reporting about the shortages to planning and purchase dept.
  • preparation MIS reports as per the requirement of management.
  • Excise Invoice and job work challan
  • Preparation of dispatch related documents excise invoice, packing list.
  • Knowledge of various returns to excise and service tax dept.
  • Maintain stores record as per ISO 9001-2000 Q.M.S standards.
  • In 2007-08 and 2008-09 and 2009-10 achieved the performance link award.

Apr’95 to Dec’06 with Kirloskar Bros. Ltd., Kirloskarwadi, Dist. Sangli (MS) 

M/S KBL is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of pumps and valves in India with ISO-9001 certification. It handles turnkey projects in liquid handling stations

Apr’95 to Jul’97                       Company Trainee Supervisor

Aug’97 to Jan’06                     Stores Officer

  • Coordinating intensive training programs in stores dept.
  • Studying the method of material handling in stores.
  • Handling the finished component & casting stores.
  • Performing incoming inspection of receipt of stores.
  • Looking after the method of material stacking & issuing the material.
  • Functioning as the In-charge of finished component stores (Process Pumps & Water handling pumps).
  • Working in Mfg. resources planning (MRP system) department.
  • Generating 214/86 or 57FC excise Challans i.e. 4 5 (a) sending material for process .
  • Knowledge of various returns to excise and service tax dept.
  • Utilizing the SAP/R3 system (materials module) for documenting the inventory reports.
  • Started the concept of Non moving bar material, hardware material and interchangeable items consumed.
  • Started 2 bin system for assembly line& fulfilled the shortage of material.
  • Conducted Incoming inspection   while   receipt in stores.
  • prepared MIS reports as per the requirement of management.
  • Performed stores audit and controlled the inventory.
  • Deployed Toyota KANBAN and two bin system for   finished components & bill of material i.e.  (fasteners e.g. nut,  bolts,  studs, etc.).
  • Started Material kit formation   system as per OA.
  • Monitored excess consumption of material at shop floor in comparison to planned in purchase order.
  • Formulated RRD and RRD/ RW documents for rejected material.
  • Looking after scrap disposal activities, and scrap sold 90 lakhs per year with best price.

Trainings Attended

  • ISO 9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004 Implementation Program at Kirloskarwadi in 2000.
  • ISO 9001:2000 Internal Auditor Certification Program in Apr2008 at Thane.
  • ISO14001:2004 Internal Auditor certification program completed in Dec’07 at Thane.
  • 5’S’ Certification Training Program in 2007 at Thane.
  • Essentials of Modern Store Keeping training program in 2010 at Mumbai.


  • Sc. in Physics from P.D.V.P.M Tasgaon affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur in 1990 with 55%.
  • MBA Executive in Logistics and supply chain Mgt. from NIBM Chennai in 2013 with 67%.
  • C.S.- Diploma in Computer Science from Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur in 1993.
  • S.M.- PG Diploma in Stores Management from IIMM Baroda, Gujarat in 2002 with 59%.

IT Skills

  • SAP R/3 4.6 C (MM Module), ERP 2000 & Wel versed with MS Office, Windows 2007.

Personal Dossier

Present Address:  Pimprigaon,Pimpri.Pune-411017 (M.S.).

Date of Birth:                18th May 1969

Permanent Address: Nashik RD, Moshi, Pune-412501.

Present Salary : Rs. 08 lacs per annum